You've got this!

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This poem is dedicated to everyone in the tech space (Developers, designers, technical writers, content creators, engineers, etc.)

It's okay not to know what you are doing,

It's okay to be confused during a code review,

It's okay to feel your code or design or work sucks, it sucks though,

It's okay to feel disorganized especially on a Monday morning,

It's okay to feel like an impostor,

It's okay not to understand the concepts,

It's okay to forget the syntax,

It's okay to google the solutions,

It's okay to get disappointments,

It's okay not to be okay,

But you know what's not okay,

Giving up

No, no, no , no

You ain't giving up

You ain't giving up on the sleepless nights, the hard work, the happy times, the creativity and the dedication.

We don't give up here!

Dust your table, clean the tears and the frustration and tell yourself,

I've got this!

Thanks for reading and I hope you keep moving!

Gabriella Amaefule's photo

No no, I ain't giving up. I've got this!

Really needed to see this

Ruth Ikegah's photo

I'm happy it was helpful to you

Efereyan Karen Simisola's photo

Girl, add poem maker to your resume. Very lit poem. I really enjoyed it.

Ruth Ikegah's photo

Thanks, baby, I will! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Tapas Adhikary's photo

I think, I missed reading it somehow before... Glad that I found it now.. Super! Excellent poem.. Can't stop from sharing it...

Ruth Ikegah's photo

Thanks Tapas, It was really helpful to me yesterday because I felt really down of myself from a code review 😂😂

Anita Ihuman  's photo

🤗🤗🤗 thank you dear

Ruth Ikegah's photo

You are welcome!

Victoria Lo's photo

Thank you for writing this lovely poem for the community! :)

Victory Chiamaka Wekwa's photo

Nice poem ruthie

Ruth Ikegah's photo

Thanks Dear!

Godwin Opuka's photo

I got this!!